A room is a space where people live. So we can use the room as a metaphor for our life

The room is the primary space in a house. It is where we spend most of our time with our family, friends and partners – from friends visiting to house guests.

It can be thought of as the “hub” of a house and it is the place where most people spend their time. There are many different rooms in a typical home and some rooms get very little use. For example, the living room will only be used for about 20% of a year before it gets totally empty. If you have kids or parents to look after, this room gets even less use because they tend to spend more time in other areas of the house than in a particular room at home

For this reason, you need a good layout when designing your home: which rooms are always open? Which rooms.

Room is a room that we live in. It has a bed, table, chair and so on. Room is considered as an area where you put your things and stay there all day long.