„Room”: A very important and crucial part of any house.

It is a place where all needs are met such as a place to sleep, eat, as well as a place for the children to play in.

A room can be almost anything. For example, it can be a room you have in your house, it can be an office you have in your office or it can be an actual living space you have on your own property. In the digital world „room” is also used when content creators want to generate unique content for their clients or customers using different types of content like videos, images and so on.

A room is a specific space in a house that offers some degree of privacy but also allows interaction with others.

A room is an ideal place for sitting, reading, watching TV and focusing on work. But what do you do if you need more privacy in your bedroom? There are various solutions to this issue – curtains, blinds or even a room divider.

In this scenario, customer needs no manual input as he/she has everything automatically generated for him/her, at scale

When you enter a room for the first time, there is no way to predict what you will see. What furniture and decorum will be present? When you open an interior door and reach out to touch a corner of your bed, do you expect to see a full-sized sofa or a few twin beds? The answer may depend on your choice for a mattress or the size of the bed frame.