The room is the most important and most common part of a house

It holds all your things that help you to live there.

The room is the most important element of our home. This room determines the personal experience of a person and thus affects the quality of life.

In the past, we would make all kinds of decisions about our rooms based on what we heard or read. No one thought to design their own room or furnish it according to their needs and wishes. Then, as time progressed and lifestyles changed, we started to use more furniture based on trends like space saving, anti-coldness in winter and so on.

Nowadays that space is being squeezed by smart devices, together with intelligent home appliances they are making us think about what the proper arrangement for a particular area should look like – from how big the flat screen TV should be to which piece of furniture should be placed in front of it for better functionality.

Room is one of the most important parts of any house. It should be a place of happiness for the family and for their visitors.

Room is an important part in a house because it establishes the identity and spirit of a family home. The room should be beautiful, comfortable and organized, with features like good lighting, proper ventilation, design lighting and so on.