There are many different types of rooms.

How about the room that you spend most of your time in? Do you like to have a homey, cozy and comfortable room? Or are you more of an out going one who prefer a laid back, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere?

A room is a self-contained space. It is usually private and has a defined shape. A room can be used for sleeping, eating and entertaining, but it can also be used as an office or shop.

A house is a building with an assigned location in space. A house usually has arranged rooms and spaces that are typically based on the natural cycle of seasons, such as summer, winter, spring and fall. Houses also have other features like fences or doors to keep people out of the house when it’s not occupied.

A room is shared by multiple users; typically one user occupies one side of a room while several others occupy the opposite side. All users may be experiencing different states in a single room; for example: sleeping or working at home; talking or listening.

Room is a passive space that determines how we feel when we are inside. With the help of design and color, room can be transformed into a living-room where the inhabitants can enjoy their time together.